Rastegar industrial tools productive and commerce industry with more than 30 years reputation in developing the industry of country with a powerful and high-resolution work team which contexts in making and producing HDPE welding machines and cutters, Green pipe industrial tools and
PEX pipes equipment (Manual, Hydraulic, Electrical crimping tools & etc) could become one of the main pillars of Economic industries of Iran.
This great work team with possessing industrial factories, Diacaustic molds, hot and cold forging, casting and etc with CNC & NC machine tools by using 600 proficient, inventors, innovative and top geniuses in consecutive years could be one of the best manufacturers of the country. In (1391 sh)
(2012-2013), this complex has designed, made and producing all kinds of PEX pipes press by making explosive molds, hot and cold forging by using technology and by globalizing and recording this invention is honored to receive ISO9001 and CE (from Europe union) certifications after confirmation
of this union investigators.
Hopeful that this complex with putting effort could be one of the permanent honored companies in our country Iran.

Rastegar Sanat productive and commerce industry
Rastegar industrial tools slogan is producing products Beyond quality ,thats according to great technical producing work team and Management with Politics
Rastegar industrial tools with Numerous factories in Jajrod ,Tehran is the best and first producer of pipe tools and accessories .

Rastegar Industrial tools with over 50 branches all over Iran and neighbors countries could stablished to all it's customers.
Rastegar complex is composed of producing department, powerful Quality Control department, projection and drawing department, technical department, SEO and site departme
advertising department, oversea department.
each deppartment try theire best to stir In line with the common goal to make Rastegar industrial tools and achive customer satisfaction.

Owner of 5 Patent certificateOwner of Confirmation from Iran researchesOwner position of best industrial researcher in 3 consecutive years Owner position of best industrial seraches in electronics and mechanics Owner position of second place in Kharazmi festival
Owner of ISO 9001-2008 and CE certification