Ronix 3/4 Air impact wrench gun

category : 3.4 اینچ
Name Ronix 3/4 Air impact wrench gun
Size Different
After sale servicing Unavailable
Working system pneumatic
Maximum pressure Different
Warranty Unavailable
امتیاز کیفیت توسط رستگار صنعت از 0 تا 100 70
Made in Taiwan
Weight Different
Torque Different
Overall length Different
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Air impact wrench gun


  • We use Air impact wrench gun to close and open different screws and nuts.
  • Working range is different .
  • Working system : pneumatic.
  • Speed of this Air impact wrench gun is different .
  • In different lengths.
  • In different sizes .
  • Made with high quality.
  • Contact us for more information.