RSCo calibrator for plumbing (set)

Name RSCo bladeless bar calibrator
Size 16-20-25-32
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Working system manual
Production material Alloy steels
Warranty No warranty
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RSCo bladeless bar calibrator (set):

  • This calibrator is using for calibrating (measuring) all kinds of PEX pipes.
  • These PEX calibrators are made of iron.
  • This calibrator is made of iron.
  • For more information contact us via phone no and visit the webpage.

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PEX Calibrator :

  • PEX calibrator includes : handle of calibrator , pin, blader holder and cylindrical of calibrator.
  • This calibrator is for calibrating different kinds of pipes.

How to work with PEX calibrator:

  • First of all you need to pay attention to the size of pipe you are gong to calibrate then choose your suitable calibrator.
  • The part of pipe that is cut which is deformed while getting throgh the joints is not round.
  • Put the cylindrical of PEX  into the the pipe and rotate the handle of calibrator  until the blades meet the edge.
  • When the blades of PEX calibrator meet the edge start rotating the calibrator and it will start deburring the pipe.

Know about RSCO industrial tool company:

  • PEX pipes that can be pressed with PEX pipe presses is one the most modern piping systems.
  • The first layer of PEX pipe that can be pressed by PEX pipe press is the outer layer of PEX pipe .
  • The duty of outer layer is to protect the PEX pipe, this layer makes the third and outer layer sticky.
  • The third layer of PEX pipe is made of really thin aluminium 
  • The duty of the third layar is to control the temprature of the water flowing through the pipe.
  • The holder of the pipe avoids changing shapes of the pipe because of the high tempreture .
  • It is worth mentioning that you can find the leak using Rsco leak detector device.
  • To test pipes after plumbing when the pipes are full of water you can use  Rsco leak detector device to find a leak.
  • These pipes are cut by PPR pipe cutters.
  • It is worth mentioning that now a days metal and galvanized pipes are used alot and these kinds of pipes can be used by electrical and manual threading machines.


  • Choose the calibrator the same size as your pipe.
  • While working with the calibrator do not put your hands in front of it.
  • Safe tips while using calibrator device :
  • Do not use the calibrator while you are sleepy.
  • Use the immunity clothes (gloves, shoes and glasses) while using the calibrator.

Immunity while working:

  • Clean the working place and avoid dust.
  • Any kind of distrubtion can cause a problem while using.
  • This calibrator device is not insulated by electricity be careful while working .
  • Please avoid hitting the device by the back of your hands .