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RSCo PEX pipe decoiler

دسته بندی : PEX pipe decoiler


RSCo PEX pipe decoiler:

  • This RSCo decoiler opens all kinds of PEX pipes correctly in sizes: 16 – 32 mm
  • Has wheels for easy transportion.
  • For more info contact us via webpage.

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RSCo PEX pipe decoiler
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How to work with PEX pipe decoiler:

  • Put the pipe in decoiler and by ratating the decoiler the pipe will be open.

Know more:

  • PEX pipes that can be pressed with PEX pipe presses is one the most modern piping systems.
  • The first layer of PEX pipe that can be pressed by PEX pipe press is the outer layer of PEX pipe .
  • The duty of outer layer is to protect the PEX pipe, this layer makes the third and outer layer sticky.
  • The third layer of PEX pipe is made of really thin aluminium 
  • The duty of the third layar is to control the temprature of the water flowing through the pipe.
  • The holder of the pipe avoids changing shapes of the pipe because of the high tempreture .
  • It is worth mentioning that you can find the leak using Rsco leak detector device.
  • To test pipes after plumbing when the pipes are full of water you can use  Rsco leak detector device to find a leak.
  • These pipes are cut by PPR pipe cutters.
  • It is worth mentioning that now a days metal and galvanized pipes are used alot and these kinds of pipes can be used by electrical and manual threading machines.

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