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Electro fusion welding machine


  • Able to weld PEX pipes and attachments (electro fusion)-in transmission lines.


RSCo electro fusion welding machine:

  • Able to weld all types of pipes and attachments from sizes 25-400mm.
  • Includes lateral memory.
  • Includes iran gas company confirmation.
  • 1 year RSCo warranty
  • Call the company for more info. 
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Data sheet

RSCo electro fusion welding machine
Input voltage
230-230 V
After sale servicing
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Features and capabilities of the electrofusion device:

  • The operating temperature range of this electro-fusion unit is +45 -5 ° C.
  • Input frequency of Alborz Welding Machine 50 Hz.
  • Output voltage (welding) of 4-48 volts.
  • Protection against water and dust penetration 65 IP (insulating class).
  • George Fisher's Electrofusion has a 25-225 mm polyethylene fitting welding capability.
  • The welding memory of this electrophobic welding machine is 1600.
  • In case of unavailability of network power, it can be started with a 5 kW generator.
  • Possibility of manual and barcode welding information in electrophobic welding.
  • Ability to prevent the sudden cut off of the key.
  • Possible to cut off the system when increasing the temperature inside the electrofusion welding machine.
  • The ability to display information The cause of the error reported on the monitor in the event of an error.
  • Capability to record 1600 series of welding operation information.
  • Ability to re-read the bar code and start welding operations without pressing the starter key in the welding machine.
  • The Alborz Pe Welding Machine has the ability to calculate the welding time according to the standard ambient temperature.
  • Electrofusion welding is capable of preventing a sudden shutdown of the on / off switch.

Safety recommendations when using the electrofusion welding machine Industry:

  • Avoid working with an electric fuel without studying and studying the notebook. Otherwise, it may cause damage to your device.
  • Always check that the brass screws are clean to connect the brass heads to the fittings.
  • If the length of the cable is too high or the diameter of the wire is too thin, it does not work well and cause an error due to the voltage drop and the voltage on the machine.
  • In the case of welding, completely unplug the input and output cables.
  • Since the electrophobic welding machine is an electronic system, it is necessary to protect it from the insertion of hard blows.
  • Try to not use the electrofusion device in environments where flammable gases are present.
  • Try not to expose the machine to dust or rain. In such cases, you can use a casket tent.
  • Do not open the door of the device due to the risk of electric shock, in which case the company will not be liable for any service.

Basic settings for electrophobic welding machine:

How to operate the keys:

  • Key acceptance of the start or confirmation key: To go to the next step, see the welding information during welding and to confirm that the welding is done, this key is used.
  • Stop button or stop key: To go to the previous step, stop the welding operation
  • Power / ON / OFF switch: Turns on the power key to turn the power on and off, and the device switches off after pressing the key for 2 seconds.
  • Key: Select the language of the display, set the date and time, set the welding cooling time, select the manual mode or bar code, and enter the welding information manually.
  • Down key: To select the display language, set the date and time, the cooling time of the welding, the manual or bar code selection, and manually enter the welding information.

Operation process:

  • Use the grid or 5 kW generator to power the input device and connect the two plugs to the wall outlet.
  • By turning the power switch on, the power turns on.
  • To turn off the device, you must hold the power key (2 seconds) to turn off the power.
  • If the operator or object suddenly hits the power key, the device will not turn off because it should hold the power key for 2 seconds

Information display language:

  • After switching the electrophobic welding machine to the upper or lower key, you can change the display language in both Farsi and English.

Set the date and time of the electrofusion device

  • Pressing the start button or a few moments of reflection of the parameters will appear on the screen to set the date and time.
  • You can adjust the parameters of day, month, year, hour and minute according to the up and down keys.
  • And after setting each parameter, press the enter / accept keys to select the stop or stop start and stop and press the START key to the next step.

Display Voltage and Input Frequency:

  • Pressing the key accepts or refreshes the relevant parameters with the voltaice and the input frequency on the display.
  • The standard input voltage for proper welding should be between 187 and 253 volts.

Barcode / Manual welding:

  • The choice of how to apply information is provided by the barcode pen or manually.
  • With the up and down keys you can select barcode mode options in Persian language and BARCODE MODE in English for information barcode writing.
  • Or select manual mode options in Farsi or MANUAL MODE in English to manually apply information.
  • And then press ENTER / START to enter the next step.

Barcode welding BARCODE MODE:

  • After selecting the barcode mode and pressing the accept / START key, read the barcode, or READ CODE appears in English.
  • This will ask you to drag the barcode onto the desired barcode, moving the barcode pen to the paragraph installed on the connection, the required welding information is transferred to the device's memory.

Manual welding MANUAL MODE:

  • After you select the Manual Mode / MANUAL MODE and press the Accept / START key, you will enter the next step.
  • In this recipe, a 24-digit number is shown, each representing the information that the digits are the same as the digits below the bar code.
  • You must enter the digits into numbers manually.


  • To print information, you need a printer with a needle type with at least 80 columns.
  • Press key to print / START welding information.
  • And compress the STOP key to perform welding operations.

Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting Electrofusion Welding Machine:

  • Electrofusion welding machine automatically generates defects in the way that the defects are resolved to the extent that they can be removed from the repair shop and by the user.
  • Read the barcode again If the error 01 is declared again, the read barcode is corrupted or defective and is not readable.
  • Read the same code load from another connection.
  • In MANUAL MODE mode, if one of the 24 incorrect digits is entered, the machine will announce the 01 error.
  • Welding is not recommended in the temperature range due to cold or severe heat.
  • The resistance of the coupler coupler connected to the brass cylinder head does not match the resistance read by the barcode reader.
  • An error is reported if before or during the welding operation the flow is disconnected
  • Input voltage of the device is inappropriate.
  • An error will occur if the welding operation is completed within the first 5 seconds of the welding operation.
  • Memory capacity is full.
  • Cutting the input voltage when welding
  • Definite in cable welding

Learn more about the products of the industry:

  • Electrofusion welding machine is used for pipe welding and polyethylene joints.
  • The polyethylene welding machine, like the electrofusion welding machine, has the capability of welding and polyethylene pipes.
  • Polyethylene welding machine is available in different sizes and hydraulic, semi-hydraulic and all hydraulic and manual models are supplied.
  • Pe wrenches and fittings are used to open and close the pe fittings.
  • Pe pipes are used to cut polyethylene and propylene pipes in different sizes.
  • The pe welding iron also has the capability to weld polyethylene pipes. And in various types of electric welding, digital pe heating and gas pe heating in the market.
  • For repairs of pe welding machines, pe welding heater, ppr pipe heater pump testing machine, pex pipe presses, welding inverters and leak detectors, please refer to the sales office for the industry.
  • The restaurateur welding extruder is also used to repair pe pipes and joints.
  • The high-pressure welding extruder of the industry is used as a welding pipe and pe joints.
  • Due to the fact that metal and galvanized pipes are used today, electric devices are used to carry out these types of pipes.
  • The industrial scrapper is used to peel pe pipes.
  • The squeezer is used to block the transmission of polyethylene pipes
  • Cutting of pe pipes from a size of 25-160 mm is done by pipe on guillotine.
  • Multi-clamp is also used to hold pe pipes during welding.
  • The clamping of polyethylene pipes is used to hold the pe pipes at the welding time.


  • Able to weld PEX pipes and attachments (electro fusion)-in transmission lines.


Electro fusion welding machine:

  • Able to weld all types of pipes and attachments from sizes 25-400mm.
  • Includes lateral memory.
  • Includes iran gas company confirmation.
  • 1 year RSCo warranty.
  • Call the company for more info.

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