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HDPE hand scraper SCPM

دسته بندی : Electrofusion equipment

HDPE hand scraper


  • For scraping HDPE pipes
  • Made of aluminum
  • Full-steel blade
  • Manual operation
  • Made in Iran
  • Includes 5-years after-sale service
  • Contact us for more information
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Product Details

Data sheet

HDPE hand scraper
Working range
Full size
After-sale services
5 years RSCo after sale service
Function system
Made of Blade
Made of Body
All steel blades
Machined by
No warranty
Quality rating by Rastegar Sanat from 0 to 100
Made in
نوع دستگاه


  •  Scrapper includes: handle, slider, blade holder, holder, towel holder, screw, screw.

How to work the rotary scrapper machine:

  • After cleaning the inside of the pipe, we cut the tube head with a pipe and tighten the pipe in place.
  • We release the toggle (up), we roll the holder back to the beginning, we will return the guarantor instead.
  • Place the scraper on the tube, so that a set of four bearings and an alleglinal piece of tube will fit into the tube.
  • It tightens the screws with the help of the screw, and then rotates the machine around the tube.
  • Toggle the blade up and place it in place
  • With the help of a twist, we bring the slider down so that the edge of the blade touches the edge of the pipe. Now we turn the blade back to the first place.
  • The device is a scrape device, we are moving the device around the tube axis and clockwise.
  • As the blade reaches the pipe, at this time, the scrapper of the tube ends and the screws are pulled out of the pipe by opening the screw.

Read more about other products of the industry:

  • Polyethylene wrenches and fittings are used to open and close various types of pe fittings.
  • The industrial scrupper is used to peel polyethylene pipes.
  • The skier is used to block the transmission of polyethylene pipes.
  • Cutting of ppr pipes from a size of 25-160 mm is done by pipe on guillotine.
  • Multi-clamp is also used to hold polyethylene pipes during welding.
  • The clamping of polyethylene pipes is used to hold the pe pipes at the welding time.
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  • The polyethylene extruder welding machine is used for pipe repair and polyethylene joints.
  • High-pressure pe welded extruder is a resilient industry for welding PE pipes, green tubes and PVC.
  • For scrapping (scratching) HDPE pipes.


RSCo manual scrapper:

  • For scrapping (scratching) HDPE pipes.
  • This manual scrapper has the ability to scrap all kinds of pipes in any size.
  • Made of aluminum.
  • Includes full steel blade.
  • Includes ISO9001 and CE Europe unioun.
  • Includes 5 years after sale service.
  • For more info call the company.

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