High pressure Extrusion welding machine

Name High pressure Extrusion welding machine
Power 3400 watt
Input voltage 220- 230 V
After sale servicing exist
Working system Manual Automatic
Operating temperature 20-650 c
Warranty No warranty
امتیاز کیفیت توسط رستگار صنعت از 0 تا 100

Information and accessories:

High pressure Extrusion welding machine:

  • Able to weld all pipes and surfaces in grades PVC, PP and poly fluoride.
  • For restrotating PP pipes and attachments.
  • Seamer high quality.
  • Adjustless blower.
  • Inputed by special electrodes.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Temp rate: 20-650 c.
  • Temp power: 3400 w (thermo).
  • Boiling power in 6h (single peace).
  • Digital display screen.
  • Heading with 360 degree rotation.
  • Double sided bowler without welding wire.
  • ISO9001 and CE.
  • For more information contact us via webpage.

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High pressure Extrusion welding machine:

  • Able to weld all pipes and surfaces in grades PVC, PP and poly fluoride.

How to work with High pressure Extrusion welding machine:

  • Put the extruder in a stable place the set the handle and pin of the extruder.
  • Turn on the Hot mode of the source of energy.
  • Set the temperature to 300 C while you are welding.
  • Turn on the industrial hot air tool set the temperature and after 7 to 8 minutes the nozzle gets hot.
  • Turn on the engine of Extrusion welding machine until it starts turning.
  • After turning on the device is in stand by mode until 5 or 6 minutes then put the welding bar. and bring the temperature sp high to melt the electrode.
  • The engine of PPR spins easily without electrode after putting the melting material  Extrusion welding machine will be heavy so immediately turn it off.

Whatch out for these tipes while using the High pressure Extrusion welding machine:

  • Opening the device is dangerous due to electric parts please unplug the device before taking it apart.
  • Before turing on the device watch out for the wire and plug to be unharmed .
  • Get away from flammable and explodable devices while using the hot air tool.
  • Do not touch the hot air tool while using , because of the high temperature.
  • Please change the brush of the carbon enging after using it to 800 times.
  • While you are not  using the device put it in the lowest temperature .
  • Turn off the air engine after using.

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