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Sewer cleaning machine (model:400)


RSCo industrial Pipe opener machine:

  • Power rate: 400 w.
  • Spring diameter: 12-18 mm.
  • Light and portable.
  • Maximum spring length: 25 m.
  • Without warranty and after sale service.
  • For more info contact us via webpage.
  • Offer: 1600 industrial Pipe opener machine.


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Product Details

Data sheet

Sewer cleaning machine (model:400)
Working range
18-22 mm
400 watt
Input voltage
220-230 V
After sale servicing
Working system
1 year
امتیاز کیفیت توسط رستگار صنعت از 0 تا 100
19 kg

RSCo drill Pipe opener machine:

RSCo industrial Pipe opener machine:

  • Power rate: 400 w.
  • Spring diameter: 12-18 mm.
  • Light and portable.
  • Maximum spring length: 25 m.
  • Without warranty and after sale service.
  • For more info contact us via webpage.
  • Offer: 1600 industrial Pipe opener machine.
  • It opens hard and deep blockage , with many head springs that can enter any well and pits to remove blockage.
  • Drill Pipe opener machine is small and aesy to carry.
  • It is one of the special devices for evacutaing wells and geared disposal pump.
  • To move the disposal well geared disposal pump can be useful.
  • Evacuating the well is done by geared disposal pump.
  • Geared pump is one the positive transfering  pumps  and with every turn spinners pupm a certain amount.
  • Working system of thi sdevice is that when the liquid enters the pump by spining the gearwheel it is pumped to the output of the pump.
  • This geared pump is also used for light liquid like oils and disposal systems and thick liquids like pastes and asphats.

If you need a drill Pipe opener machine:

  • If the blockage is too deep or too thick you will need pipe opener equipment.
  • When oil and food is in pipe for a long time the blockage will be deep.
  • Before the drill Pipe opener machine was invented there were simpler devices to unclog the pipes.
  • With the spring that is installed on the driil the blockage will go away.
  • When you turn on the drill and the spring goes in the sediment comes out.
  • But by building the driil pipe opener this problem went away , This device includes an engine and spring and the engine produces power.
  • Energy of the spring enters the clogged well  the reason of using the spring is flexibility that makes it move easily.

How to work with the drill pipe opener:

  • First plug in the device and install the suitable spring.
  • Take out the spring and then push the botton to turn on the device , the device starts working and the spring spins and unclog the well.
  • Lead the spring carefully into the well while working.
  • If you want the clog to go away soon use the left and right botton and when its  is done take the spring out carefully .
  • In the end pour some water to the well so the clogging never comes back.

Pipe opener has many types and you need to know them:

  • The first way to unclog the sewage pipe is to use density machine.
  • Density machine is a device that by entering air pressure unclogs the pipe.
  • The second device is Pipe opening spring .
  • This way uses electro motor and spring to unclog the pipe.
  • By sending the spring into pipe and move it right and left and forward the pipe will be unclogged.
  • The third way is water pressure that by using a special hose it unclogs the pipe.

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