Copper pipe cutter

Device Model Copper pipe cutter
Working range 3-30mm
After sale servicing 5 years
Production material steel
Warranty unavailable
امتیاز کیفیت توسط رستگار صنعت از 0 تا 100
Box unavailable
Made in China
No tax


Copper pipe cutter:

  • Able to cut all copper and aluminum pipes.
  • Cut size: 3-30 mm.
  • It has a high quality .
  • Contact us for more information.

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Introduce pipe to copper rastegar Industry:

  • The copper pipe has the ability to cut copper and aluminum pipes.
  • Copper pipes are available in different sizes and sizes depending on the size of the pipe.
  • Copper pipes are available in small, medium, and large sizes in the market. Each of these copper pipes is suitable for cutting pipes of various sizes.
  • One of the advantages of cutting a copper pipe is that if the blade of the copper tube is broken or cracked, it is interchangeable.
  • Be careful not to touch the copper pipe blade from any sharp objects, metal or steel objects.

The following can be used for copper tube use:

  • First, we use a suitable copper tube cutter to cut the tube according to the size and pressure of the pipe to the copper pipe.
  • The tube can be held while cutting, but in order to create a clean and clean cut, it is better to attach the pipe to the pipe clamp.
  • We open the copper tube to the place where the tube is in the copper tube, and place the tube in the copper tube.
  • After placing the tube inside the tube on the copper, close the tube pipe on the copper to allow tensile stress on the tube.
  • The copper tube is rolled around the pipe 1 or 2 times, the pipe blade on copper creates a weak line on the tube (used as a guide line).
  • Turn the copper tube around the tube to completely cut the pipe (note on the guide line).

Read more about other products of the industry:

  • The Ruffle Rope Industrial Rivet Rivet System is hand-screwed.
  • 5-Layer Bending Tube The industry has the ability to bend all types of 5-layer pipes, PVC, copper, aluminum, and rice in rattles at various angles of up to 90 degrees.
  • Blind copper pipes are used to block copper pipes and aluminum pipes.
  • Copper tube bending spring is used to bend copper pipes.
  • The robust toothed clamp of the industry has the capability to hold all kinds of metal pipes (steel, steel, galvanized ...).
  • The riveting nut tool is used to rivet various types of rivets.
  • Hydraulic polisher is used to get all kinds of industrial money.
  • The hand pump is used for winding up to a maximum of 1.9 times.
  • Hydraulic punch is used to punch all kinds of metal sheets.
  • The industrial steamer is used to block all types of pipes and fittings in water and wastewater, oil, gas and petrochemicals.
  • The wind turbine has the ability to test the pipe.
  • Hand-operated stapler for testing all types of polyurethane, polyethylene and PVC pipes.
  • The handpiece is capable of tapping all types of pipe fittings.
  • Pipe fitting wrench is used to keep all types of ductile pipes.
  • The Rossabor copper tube has the ability to cut all kinds of copper and aluminum pipes.
  • Welding equipment of PE is a polyethylene pipe and polyethylene fittings.
  • Polyethylene pipes can be welded to the welded polyethylene resin boiler.
  • Green Iron Pipe Iron, White Iron Iron, Ironing Pipe, Ironing Plumbing) is a device for carrying out the piping of green or plastic pipes.
  • These green tubes can be cut with industry-saving green scissors (or cutters, pipe cutters).
  • The polyethylene welding iron has a polyethylene tube and polyethylene fittings.
  • The Razgrad Industrial Pump Test Machine has been designed with a unique design, light weight to test and test the piping of pipelines and reservoirs.
  • Razgrad Industrial Company is able to repair the water piping test machine. So you can refer to the office of Rastgar Industry for the repair of the water pipe testing machine.
  • To leak the pressure pipes, we introduce the industry-leading mini-leak detector. The industry has gas leak detectors.
  • Five-layer pipes, which can be pressed with five-layer pipe presses (pex pipe presses, pex pipe hydraulic presses, pex pipe presses, pex pipe presses), one of the most modern plumbing systems.
  • The first layer of the five-layer pipe, which can be pressed by pressing the five-layer pipes of the industry. Which forms the outer surface of the layer.
  • To repair the five-layer pipe presses you can refer to the office of Rastgar Industry. Becauserastegar is capable of repairing five-layer pipe presses.
  • The task of the outer layer of a five-layer pipe is to protect and maintain a self-contained pex pipe (which can be emitted by pex pipe ).
  • The outer layer of this five-layer pipe (which can be bended by a pex pipe bending spring). This layer creates adhesion between the layer between the outer layer and the third layer.
  • The third layer of the pex pipe (which can be riveted by the pex pipe piercing) is very thin aluminum.
  • The task of the third layer of the pipe is the pex control of the temperature or the temperature of the current water in the pex pipe (which can be bended by the pipe of the five-layer pipe, the industry is bending these tubes)
  • And the tube retainer against the deformation of the five-layer pipe (which can be used to open the tube from the pex pipe open roller) is extremely high temperatures.
  • It should be noted that it can be detected by the hand leak detector to detect pipe fractures.
  • To test the pipes after the completion of the plumbing When the pipes are filled with water, after testing them and closing the span, we test the pipes by the industry pump testing machine.
  • It is worth noting that metal pipes and galvanized pipes are also used today to be used for manual handling of electrical pipes.
  • able to cut all copper and aluminum pipes
  • cut size: 3-28 mm
  • for more info call the sales office