steel pipe clamp

Name RSCo steel pipe clamp
Size 4 inch
After sale servicing unavailable
Working system manual
Production material Steel
Warranty unavailable
امتیاز کیفیت توسط رستگار صنعت از 0 تا 100
Made in Iran
No tax Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks
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RSCo steel pipe clamp:

  • Made  of steel.
  • Size: (4 inch).
  • High quality make.
  • Manual Function system.
  • Contact us for more information.

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Steel pipe clamp:

Maintenance of the pipe clamp is as follows:

  • To prolong the life of the steel pipe clamp after each use, clean the appliance and free from any oil or dust.
  • The pipe clamping service is provided by an authorized service.

Observance of the following precautions in the work environment and the individual environment when using steel pipe clamp is required:

  • Keep the environment clean and free of any oil or dust.
  • The presence of any abnormalities in the environment will cause problems
  • This is an electric insulating device. Please be careful when using.
  • Do not use pipe clamps when sleeping.
  • Use safety clothing.
  • Do not use this tool in the event of a malfunction or fracture.
  • Ensure the correct operation of the steel pipe clamp.

Additional information about metal pipe equipment:

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  • The Holliday Rustgar test has the ability to insulate pipes and metal fittings.
  • The metal strip strip is capable of pulling insulating tubes from 2 to 56 inches.
  • Re-checking cameras have access to piping systems, problems in the cavity wall, problems in water tanks, ducts and air conditioning systems.

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RSCo steel pipe clamp

  • Made from steel
  • Size: (4 inch)
  • Width of jaw thickness : (1-8cm)
  • High quality make
  • Manual Function system