Monkey Wrench 90 degree

category : stilson wrench
Name Monkey Wrench 90 degree
Size 18 inch
After sale servicing unavailable
Working system Manual
Body material Ductile iron
Jaw material Steel
Warranty unavailable
Made in China
Angle 90 degree

Monkey Wrench


  • This monkey wrench is used for opening and closing all types of steel, metal fitting, iron and  galvanized pipe.
  • This monkey wrenchsuitable for opening and closingnut and bolt.
  • Material of the chain is ductile iron.
  • Size of this monkey wrench is 18 inch.
  • This monkey wrench is used for close angle.
  • Head of this monkey wrench is perpendicular.
  • Material of this dentation, is plaing and strong.
  • The dies of these monkey wrenches has been deep-hardening and Replaceable.
  • Maximum of the quality.
  • Made in China.
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