Full Electric Saw RS26

Name Full Electric Saw
Power 1500 W
Input voltage 220-240 V
After sale servicing Unavailable
Working system Electric/Manual
Speed 1000-2100 per minute
Warranty Unavailable
امتیاز کیفیت توسط رستگار صنعت از 0 تا 100
Box Unavailable
Weight 3.8 Kg
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Full Electric Saw


  • This Electric Saw is used for cutting all types of pipe, pipe metal fitting, PVC and Polyethylene.
  • It has ability to saw replaceable, overload control, slow start and speed fixative electronic system.
  • Speed control ability.
  • This has thump round trip mechanism.
  • This all purpose saw has 220-240 voltage.
  • The power of this, is 1500 w.
  • Speed of it : 1000-2100 round per minute.
  • Course of round trip : 26 mm
  • Maximum of cut speed : 203 mm.
  • Weight : 3.8 kg
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