Manual cable cutter (small)

Name small manual cable cutter
Size 125 mm
Working system manual
Production material steel
امتیاز کیفیت توسط رستگار صنعت از 0 تا 100
Box available
Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks
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Information :

manual cable cutter:

  • Cut aluminum and copper cable.
  • Steel jaw with special material.
  • Maximum size of cutting : (125).
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Plastic cover of handle.
  • Anti slip handle.
  • ISO 9001 & CE.
  • Contact us for more information.

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Manual cable cutter:

Cable scissors specifications:

  • Cable scissors are available according to the conditions and the amount of pressure or cable used.
  • In different types: cable scissors on hand, cable scissors on cable and cable scissors on hydraulic.
  • The cable scissors on the handheld are capable of cutting all kinds of copper, aluminum and ... cables of different sizes.

To use the cable, you can do the following:

  • Due to the size of the cable and the amount of pressure available for cable cutting, it is important to know which cable (cable, hand cable, cable for hydraulic and cable for charging).

The following can be considered for manual use of the cable:

  • By opening two cables on the cable, the jaws of the cable open up. And after inserting the cable between the jaws of the cable, by closing the cable bundles on the cable cut.

When using hand-held cables, consider the following for more safety:

  • Avoid inserting a blow to the cable blade. (Causing cracking or breaking the jaw of the cable).
  • Do not touch metal objects, hard, steel, etc. to the cable cutter.
  • The handrail cable has the ability to cut cables from 0 to 500 mm in size, and they also have all-steel cutting blades with high strength.

To find out about the power cord equipment, check the following:

  • Power cable equipment including cable cutters and hydraulic cable presses.
  • Cable cutters on handhelds include large cable cutters, cable cutters on average, cable cutters on small handles.
  • Cable cutters are used to cut all kinds of copper and aluminum cables.
  • Cable cutters are used for hydraulic cutting of copper, aluminum and copper cables.
  • The cable cutters have the ability to press copper and aluminum cables.
  • The hydraulic cable press also features a variety of copper and aluminum cables.
  • For cutting of all kinds of plastic or polypropylene pipes, shear shear shears or shear shears are used.
  • pex pipe fittings are pressed by apex pipe press (including apex pipe manual pipe press, a five-layer, pex pipe press,pex pipe press, and a hydraulic press of a pex pipe).
  • It is worth noting that in new years, metal pipes, galvanized, have been used, which are made by hand tools or electrical workpieces.
  • t should be noted that in the main networks of pipelines, five-layer pipes are used. To open these types of pipes, you can use the roller of the pex industrial pipe.
  • It is worth noting that the five-layer pipes bend with a five-layer tube bending machine and riveted with a five-layer pipe piercing device.
  • To test the pipe after the completion of the plumbing. When the pipes are filled with water, after testing the pipes and closing the openings, the pipes are tested by plumbing testing machines, which include (manual pump test and electric pump test).
  • To leak the pressure pipes, we introduce the industry-leading mini-leak detector. The industry has gas leak detectors.
  • For repairs of polyethylene welding machines, polyethylene boiling iron, green tube iron, pump testing machine, pex pipe presses, welding inverters and leak detectors, please refer to the sales office of the industry.
  • Stainless steel extruder is also used to repair pipe and fittings of polyethylene.
  • The high-pressure welding extruder of the industry is used as a welding pipe and polyethylene fittings.
  • Due to the fact that steel and galvanized pipes are used today, electric devices are used to carry out these types of pipes.
  • The industrial scrapper is used to peel pe pipes.
  • The squzeer is used to block the transmission of polyethylene pipes
  • Cutting of polyethylene pipes from a size of 25-160 mm is done by pipe on guillotine.
  • Multi-clamp is also used to hold polyethylene pipes during welding.
  • The clamping of polyethylene pipes is used to hold the polyethylene pipes at the welding time.
  • Welding Razarf Welding Industry has the ability to weld various types of plastic surfaces in PVC, PP, polyethylene.
  • The Rossabor copper tube has the ability to cut all kinds of copper and aluminum pipes. And Ripper is a steel wire mesh made of high alloy steel
  • Hydraulic bender The five-layer industrial pipe is used to bend all kinds of steel, steel, copper and aluminum pipes.
  • Hydraulic polisher is used to get all kinds of industrial money.
  • The hand pump is used for winding up to a maximum of 1.9 times.

Information :

  • Manual cable cutter
  • Cut aluminum and copper cable.
  • Steel jaw with special material.
  • Maximum size of cutting : (125).
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Plastic cover of handle.
  • Anti slip handle.
  • ISO 9001 & CE.