RSCo Hydraulic pipe bender up to 2 inch

Name RSCo Hydraulic (alloy steel) pipe bender up to 2 inch
Size 2 inch
After sale servicing
Working system Manual Hydraulics
Body material steel
Jaw material steel
Bending angle up to 90 degrees
Warranty 6 months
Stand no stand
امتیاز کیفیت توسط رستگار صنعت از 0 تا 100


Hydraulic pipe bender

  • Ability to bending metal tube(steel, Galvanized)from(1/2 to 2 inch)in form of hydraulic manual in several angle
  • Steel stands for standing and easy work
  • Made from aluminium(7000)
  • High power jaw in single size
  • Resistant plastic box
  • Ability to regulation and change hub for change in bend angle
  • ISO 9001 & CE

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,د هیدرولیک پائپ موجودي ماشین , هیدرولیک پائپ بینډ

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Hydraulic pipe bender

  •   hydraulic cylinder
  •   Assembler piece
  •   Block
  •   The bottom page
  •   Assembly block
  •   Jaw (interchangeable)
  •   Blank locking pins


How to bend the pipe:

  •   Raise the handle of the device.
  •   Raise the top plate
  •   Choose the right jaw to fit the tube appropriately. Close the jaw to the end of the hydraulic pump.
  •   Determine the block positions
  •   Depending on the length of the pipe, if the tube is short, close the blocks.
  •   Note that tube psychoanalysis improves performance.
  •   Put the tube that you want to bend.
  •   Lower the top plate.
  •   Close the valve in the direction of the scorpion clock.
  •   Bring down the handle to bend.


Troubleshooting on a hydraulic bending machine Consider the following:

  •   Check oil leakage and check the amount of oil.
  •   Place the pump at 45 degrees and open the valve to remove air.
  •   Use high-quality oil.
  •   Clean the oil.
  •   Use a healthy seal kit


Maintenance of the hydraulic bending machine:

  •   To prolong the life of the machine, after each use, clean the blade and do not rub any dust or oil.
  •   Manual hydraulic bending service must be carried out by an authorized service.


Additional information about metal pipe equipment:

  •  The steel factory has a steel pipe clamp and a metal pipe clamp.
  •  The bending tube is used for steel pipes, steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, welded pipes and circular steel pipes.
  •  Hydraulic bender with bending ability of metal pipes from 1/2 to 2 inches in size manually at various angles up to 90 degrees.
  •  The Holliday Rustgar test has the ability to insulate pipes and metal fittings.
  •  The metal strip strip is capable of pulling insulating tubes from 2 to 56 inches.
  •  Re-checking cameras have access to piping systems, problems in the cavity wall, problems in water tanks, ducts and air conditioning systems.


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  • pex  pipe fittings are pressed by a pex pipe  press (including pex  manual pipe press, a pex, pex pipe press,  and a hydraulic press of a pex pipe).
  •  It is worth noting that in new years, metal pipes, galvanized, have been used, which are made by hand tools or electrical workpieces.
  •  It should be noted that in the main networks of pipelines, pex pipes are used. To open these types of pipes, you can use the roller of the pex industrial pipe.
  • It is worth noting that the five-layer pipes bend with a five-layer tube bending machine and riveted with a pex pipe piercing device.
  •   To test the pipe after the completion of the plumbing. When the pipes are filled with water, after testing the pipes and closing the openings, the pipes are tested by plumbing testing machines, which include (manual pump test and electric pump test).
  •  To leak the pressure pipes, we introduce the industry-leading mini-leak detector. The industry has gas leak detectors.
  • For repairs of polyethylene welding machines, polyethylene boiling heat, green tube iron, pump testing machine,pex pipe presses, welding inverters and leak detectors, please refer to the sales office of the industry.
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  • The high-pressure welding extruder of the industry is used as a welding pipe and polyethylene fittings.
  • Due to the fact that steel and galvanized pipes are used today, electric devices are used to carry out these types of pipes.
  •  The industrial scrubber is used to peel polyethylene pipes.
  •  The squzeer is used to block the transmission of pe pipes
  • Cutting of pe pipes from a size of 25-160 mm is done by pipe on guillotine.
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  • Welding Industry has the ability to weld various types of plastic surfaces in PVC, PP, polyethylene.
  • The Rossabor copper tube has the ability to cut all kinds of copper and aluminum pipes. And Ripper is a steel wire mesh made of high alloy steel
  •  Hydraulic bender The five-layer industrial pipe is used to bend all kinds of steel, steel, copper and aluminum pipes.
  •  Hydraulic polisher is used to get all kinds of industrial money.
  •  The hand pump is used for winding up to a maximum of 1.9 times


Hydraulic pipe bender 

  •  Ability to bending metal tube(steel, Galvanized)from(1/2 to 2 inch)in form of hydraulic manual in several angle
  •  Steel stands for standing and easy work
  •  Made from aluminium(7000)
  •  High power jaw in single size
  •  Resistant plastic box
  •  Ability to regulation  and change hub for change in bend angle
  •  ISO 9001 & CE