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Full-hydraulic HDPE pipe welding machine HP-630J

دسته بندی : HDPE pipe welding machines

Full-hydraulic HDPE pipe welding machine


  • Welding head to head PE pipes in water supply lattices
  • The ability to weld PE pipes and fittings of sizes: 315 - 630 mm (12 - 24 in)
  • Working pressure rate: 2.5 - 24 Bar
  • High-pressure jaws, width: 80 mm
  • 250 Bar electrical hydraulic power
  • 110 W SPK gearbox electrical scraper with hardened steel blades
  • Sizes of internal jaws: 315, 355, 400, 450, 500 mm
  • Size of the main jaw: 630 mm
  • 3500 W electrical heater with fireproof industrial Teflon cover
  • 90-degree flat frame with wheels for easy moving
  • Mobile crane base for easy working of relevant scraper (custom)
  • Electrical panel, phase control detection, contactor and start stop system
  • Toolbox including welding manual, Allen wrench, ratchet wrench, box, Allen screw, etc
  • All Rastegar Sanat HDPE pipe welding machines are made of 100% pure aluminum alloy
  • 1-Year warranty and 10-years after-sale services
  • ISO9001 and CE standards
  • For more information contact us via the webpage
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Product Details

Data sheet

Full-hydraulic HDPE pipe welding machine
Device Model
Welding apparatus size
size: 315-630mm
Welding plate power range
Italian 3500w three phases
Pump power
250 times high pressure
Welding pressure range
4-22times pressure
Input voltage
220-230v three phases
Jaw Thickness
8cm high pressure
Power pump type
electrical high pressure
After-sale services
5years RSCo after sale service
Operation type
Crane base
12month RSCo warranty
Calibration sheet
long and short screws,PEX wrench,meter,work clothes
Quality rating by Rastegar Sanat from 0 to 100

Full hydraulic HDPE pipe welding machine (model: HP 630 J, size: 315-630)

  • Pe pipe welding machine isfor welding head of pipes in water supply networks.
  • The pipes can be welded to be the same in diameter and thickness.
  • We can weld PPR pipe by pe pipe welding machine.
  • Welds that are outside the machine are covered by the respective caps to prevent airflow.

Types of devices about pe pipe welding machine:

  • Full manual HDPE pipe welding machine.
  • Semi-hydraulic HDPE pipe welding machine.
  • Full hydraulic HDPE pipe welding machine.
  • HDPE pipe manual welding machine.

Types of device based on application:

  • PE pipe welding butt fusion.
  • PE pipe welding electro fusion.
  • PE pipe welding extroder.

Compeletly information:

  • PE pipe welding machine is used for pipe welding and PE pipe bonding,in transmission lines.
  • Welding extroder has another name like:extroder PE pipe welding,welding machine extroder,plastic welding extroder.pipe extroder,extroder pipe machine,extroder PE pipe welding.
  • This pipe extroder has ability to weld all surfaces like pvc grades.
  • PE pipe welding heater has ability to weld all PE pipes
  • Pay attention to our need we have different models like electric PE pipe heater,digital PE pipe welding heater,gaseous PE pipe welding heater are available.
  • PE pipe welding machine is used for metal,steel,carbonsteel,galvanized,castiron.

How to work with full manual HDPE pipe welding machine:

  • Please attention how to work with this machine you must follow all the key points and how to use it.
  • When you do welding don't work in rainy,snowy,cold or windy weather.
  • Do welding in the space that the temprature is more than 0 degree.
  • If the propulsion force is supplied by generator before starting your activity check the amount of fuel to avoid generator to turn off and make trouble during welding.
  • If the propulsion force is supplied through the generator make the parts to break out it is out of our response.
  • For doing the welding put the pipe in the place and clean up the pipe edge and trimmer the pipe.
  • After that pick up the HDPE pipe welding heaters we have to connect the tube pipes to each other and weld them to each other too then give the time to be dry and cold.
  • After few minutes remove the welding components from machine and let it to being cold.

Steps for welding operations:

  • Bring the welding machine and its accessories into working place.
  • For welding you need another person who can help you.
  • The clips of the machine are prepared according to the pipe diameter.
  • Connect the PE pipe machine to the power.
  • Place the pipes at the appropriate place and clean the edeges of the pipes.
  •  We do the grating.
  • Put the HDPE pipe welding heaters in revelant place then make a pressure until pipe edge comes up about 1-4 mm.
  • After that pick up the HDPE pipe welding heaters we have to connect the tube pipes to each other and weld them to each other too then give it time to be dry and cold.
  • After a few minutes remove the welding components from the machine and let it cool down.

Important recommendations on welding:

  • Before welding clean up the heater.
  • Perform a trial before the main weldimg.
  • Follow all steps in the test welding.
  • The part of pipe that is  sticky can clean up the heater to be ready for next welding without dusty.
  • If the sizes of the pipes are changed then a test weld must again be performed.
  • It's best to wipe and clean underneath the welding equipment to prevent contamination and particle from making traoubles.
  • Be sure to use 10 yellow hydraulic oil.


  • Able to weld PP pipes and attachments from size: 315-630mm (12-24)
  • Working pressure rate: 2.5-24 times.
  • Includes high pressure jaws, width: 80mm.
  • Power hydraulic (250 times) to help tract (with electro motor welding machine)
  • Includes: SPK dynamic scraper with 1100w SPK hard steel blades.
  • Includes SPK 3500w electrical heater with fire proof industrial teflon cover and high pressure switch.
  • Power hydraulic (250 times) to help tract.
  • Includes 90 degree frame with wheels that helps to move.
  • Movable legs to help the movements of scraper.
  • Includes electrical board phase realizer with contactors and push-pull system.
  • Includes accessory box, HEX key set, ratchet, HEX screws.
  •  1Year warranty and 10 years after sale service.
  • ISO9001 and CE.
  • For more information contact us via webpage.

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