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RSCo inflatable drain stopper AS-6375

دسته بندی : (pipe test plug (stopper

RSCo inflatable drain stopper


  • For blocking all types of pipes and joints in water and sewage, oil, gas, and petrochemical lines
  • Practical for metal, PVC, HDPE, push-fit, PP, steel, etc pipes
  • Size: 63 - 75 mm
  • Ribbed rubber hub concerning the relevant size
  • Display to show the amount of the pressure
  • 1-meter hose for easy working
  • Pressed Metal fastener for connections
  • Material type: A
  • Flexible to 25% of the primary size
  • Ability to work with all kinds of pipes, 90 or 45-degree inspection valves, flanges, valves, etc
  • Holdable pressure: up to 16 Bar
  • ISO9001 and CE standards
  • Contact us for more information
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Data sheet

RSCo inflatable drain stopper
Working range
After-sale services
Function system
(The wind (high pressure
Production material
compact tires
Sealing pressure
2-16 bar
No warranty
Hose and confusing, ...
Quality rating by Rastegar Sanat from 0 to 100

Inflatable pipe plug:

Components of the Capstone Sewage Tubing Test:

  • Sepap test includes: wind inlet needle, internal wind hose, three way, clamp, display faucet, blocker tupper, highlighter tugs blocker.

Benefits of Tube Stamp:

  • Team capability for use in stainless steel, polyethylene, PVC, polycarbonate, polypropylene, ductile iron, steel and cast iron tubes.
  • The manual stator can function in pipes and fittings, knees, tees, valve hatches, flanges and ...
  • The Sepper device has a high adhesion strength in all tubes.
  • Piping pump test functionality inside the pipe and fittings that are deformed.
  • Sewage pipe testing has a high potential for pipe clogging.
  • Plumbing test blocker Usability in pipes and fittings that are greasy and lysis.

How to operate the wind turbine:

  • First, depending on the size of the pipe, we select the appropriate stupa.
  • Consider the hub of the stapler in pipes and fittings.
  • The head of the wind input needle opens the hand-held capstone.
  • With a wind pump, we inflate the sewage through the needle into the Sepper.
  • The Tupek wind turbine starts to grow and the blocking operation is done.
  • The maximum amount of pressure applied is once, more likely to cause Tupac's loss.
  • It should be noted that the configurable display of the embedded device in the device shows the amount of pressure on the topper of the instrument of the stupa.

Read more about other products of the industry:

  • The industrial steamer is used to block all types of pipes and fittings in water and wastewater, oil, gas and petrochemicals.
  • The wind turbine has the ability to test the pipe.
  • Hand-operated stapler for testing all types of polyurethane, polyethylene and PVC pipes.
  • The handpiece is capable of tapping all types of pipe fittings.
  • Pipe fitting wrench is used to keep all types of ductile pipes.
  • The Rossabor copper tube has the ability to cut all kinds of copper and aluminum pipes.
  • Welding equipment of PE is a pe pipe and polyethylene fittings.
  • Polyethylene pipes can be welded to the welded polyethylene resin boiler.
  • Green Iron Pipe Iron, White Iron Iron, Ironing Pipe, Ironing Plumbing) is a device for carrying out the piping of green or plastic pipes.
  • These green tubes can be cut with industry-saving green scissors (or scissors, tube cutters, pipe cutter).
  • The polyethylene welding iron has a polyethylene tube and polyethylene fittings.
  • The Industrial Pump Test Machine has been designed with a unique design, light weight to test and test the piping of pipelines and reservoirs.
  • Industrial Company is able to repair the water piping test machine. So you can refer to the office of Industry for the repair of the water pipe testing machine.
  • To leak the pressure pipes, we introduce the industry-leading mini-leak detector. The industry has gas leak detectors.
  • pex pipes, which can be pressed with pex pipe presses (pex pipe presses, pex pipe hydraulic presses, pex pipe presses, pex pipe presses), one of the most modern plumbing systems.
  • The first layer of the pex pipe, which can be pressed by pressing the pex pipes of the industry. Which forms the outer surface of the layer.
  • To repair the pex pipe presses you can refer to the office of Rastgar Industry. Because is capable of repairing pex pipe presses.
  • The task of the outer layer of a pex pipe is to protect and maintain a self-contained pex pipe (which can be emitted by a pex pipe).
  • The outer layer of this pex pipe (which can be bended by a pex pipe bending spring). This layer creates adhesion between the layer between the outer layer and the third layer.
  • The third layer of the pex pipe(which can be riveted by the five-layer pipe piercing) is very thin aluminum.
  • The task of the third layer of the pipe is the pex control of the temperature or the temperature of the current water in the five-layer pipe (which can be bended by the pipe of the five-layer pipe, the industry is bending these tubes)
  • And the tube retainer against the deformation of the five-layer pipe (which can be used to open the tube from the five-layer pipe open roller) is extremely high temperatures.
  • It should be noted that it can be detected by the hand leak detector to detect pipe fractures.
  • To test the pipes after the completion of the plumbing When the pipes are filled with water, after testing them and closing the span, we test the pipes by the industry pump testing machine.
  • It is worth noting that metal pipes and galvanized pipes are also used today to be used for manual handling of electrical pipes.


Inflatable pipe plug:

  • Ability to close pipe and connection in water and wastewater ,oil, gas ,petrochemicals line.
  • Test the pipe size: (63-75).
  • Carved Rubber hub.
  • Screen to show pressure.
  • 1m hose for easy work.
  • Pressed Metal fastener for connection.
  • Material:type A.
  • Using for metal ,PVC , polyethylene ,push fit, polyproline, steel, polka pipe.
  • Flexible to 25% of primary size.
  • Ability to work with all pipe, visor valve (45 or 90 degree),flange , valve,
  • Ability to keep the pressure to 16 time.

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,ہائی دباؤ پائپ ٹیسٹ پلگ, inflatable پائپ پلگ ,پیویسی پائپ ٹیسٹ پلگ , پیویسی پائپ ٹیسٹ پ

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