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SHAMS water leak detector 5001/1



Shams professional manual leakage finder:

  • Able to find digitally any leakage under pressure .
  • Body covered by electrostatic paint
  • Includes voice amplifier with modulation voice controller for filtering.
  • Deletes different voice frequencies.
  • Able to find leakages even pointwise and limited in surroundings.
  • Includes sensitive and qualified headphones.
  • Working temperature : -5 to +5
  • Equipped to jack : 3.5 mm
  • Equipped to turn of/on bottom
  • Frequency range of this leak detector : 100-2000hz
  • 24 months warranty and 10 years after-sale service
  • Includes ISO9001 and CE from European union.
  • For more info contact us via webpage.

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Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks

Introducing the water leak detection device:

The water leak detector includes the following:

  • Volume, volume, LED, indicator light, battery level, sensitivity, power switch, filter, color display, intermittent mute switch, charger connector, headphone, loop, loop cable.

Water leak detector features Water pipe:

  • Leak Detector has full digital design.
  • Water leak detection device equipped with rechargeable battery system with automatic charger.
  • SENSOR DETECTION SENSOR DIRECTOR for low or high sensitivity of the device.
  • Filter leakage leakage tube to get better sound for metal and non-metallic pipes.
  • Sewer pipe leakage lever equipped with Digital Signal indicator.
  • Water leakage leakage device with loop or highly sensitive receiver with IC amplification.
  • Plumbing leak detector A powerful sound playback of up to 1000MW through the headphones supplied with the device.
  • Professional leak detector with professional frequency headband 20HZ-20KKZ.
  • MUTE leak detection device for use in loop movement to prevent ear infections.
  • The water leak detection device is very low-power and has a battery life of up to 40 hours.
  • Two year warranty and ten years after sales service leak detector.
  • Manual leak detection device Voltage 12 volt leak detector with internal and rechargeable battery.
  • Battery life 40 hours continuous leak detection device if fully charged.
  • Charging the 220V battery to 12V full-automatic.
  • 1000 MW audio output power on headphones.
  • The weight of the water pipe leakage is less than 500 grams.

The structure and operation of the sewage pipe leakage detector system:

  • In designing and manufacturing this water leak detector, we have been working hard to make use of the latest and most sophisticated parts in the world.
  • Therefore, the use of the latest integrated circuits has led to a high quality and sensitivity of the devic
  • Which has a 10-megapixel impedance so that the signals can be amplified too weakly.
  • The looping design of the leak detector, which is responsible for receiving signals from the ground or any other surface, is no exception.
  • And with the use of highly sensitive ICs, we tried to increase the loop sensitivity and potency as much as possible.
  • In addition, using this special design, transmission of received loop signals to the device through the corresponding cable does not involve any voltage drop.
  • This precise, sensitive design, and the structure and sustainability of this system, which provides a 20Hz-20KHZ frequency band.
  • Enables the user to use this device for leakage of water in low pressure and high pressure systems.
  • In designing this device to avoid battery replacement as one of the users' concerns, rechargeable batteries with a fully charged charger have been used to avoid over-the-air power supply.
  • The user will only use the device after hours of use to connect the charger to the city and the device for recharging.

Alloys loop:

  • In the design of this loop, an aluminum plate with 3 bases is used to receive signals from leakage of water pipes.
  • Also, within the loop, there is no Integrated Circuit (IC) to amplify the highest received signal level to noise (S / N).
  • This has caused a very high sensitivity and a very low noise level.
  • Due to the acoustic nature of the loop environment, the conversion of very poor motor-to-noise signals into looped aluminum surfaces is possible.

How water leak detection devices work:

  • When it flows through a metal pipe or non-metallic pipe. And the tubing will be leaked due to decay or for any other reason. The water inside the pipe is removed by pressure from the leakage site.
  • Due to the outflow of water, a sound is generated that changes the sound to the ground.
  • The above sound is made by the loop of the leak detector, which is responsible for receiving very poorly-designed products.
  • After boosting and filtering, the leak detector itself is transmitted and after several rebuilding steps on the device itself, the output of the leak detector is amplified.
  • This way, you can find the exact location by receiving and hearing the tallest audio signal that corresponds to the sound of the pressure drop from the leakage point.
  • Water pressure inside the pipe is very important
  • Generally, the pressure inside the pipe should not be less than 2 times 30PSi.
  • Leakage noise will be noticeably reduced when water pressure is less than this value.
  • In this case, it is recommended to use telescopic rods to get closer to the leak and get better sound.

To improve leakage performance, the following is recommended:

  • Observe silence at the place of leakage
  • Turn off electrical appliances that produce noise and noise.
  • Ensure water coolers are closed
  • Use a telescopic rod to leak out the main tube after the meter

Automatic Charger:

  • Connect the device to the city's power to charge the battery of the charger.
  • Connect the charger plug to the charger on the device.
  • The device should be in silent mode when charging the power key.
  • When recharged, the LED on the charger is in red. After charging the batteries, lED will change green.

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Product Details

Data sheet

SHAMS water leak detector
Device Model
RSCo professional manual leakage finder
After-sale services
Function system
Electric/The battery
Operating temperature
( -5℃~ +50 ℃ )
Quality rating by Rastegar Sanat from 0 to 100
Shipping Box
نوع دستگاه
water leak detector
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Gas leak detector:

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  • The kind of this sensor is semiconductor with low usage and long lifetime.
  • Gas leak detector weighs 245± 5 g.
  • Dimension of this device is 30*73*158.
  • Gas leak detector has a high quality.11:00:57
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  • High quality.
  • Manual function.
  • ISO 9001 & CE.
  • Contact us for more information.




RSCO Water leak detector

  • Ability to leak detect of pressure pipe to 3m in the form of analogue,
  • audio booster with control key and audio regularization.
  • Leak detect (pointwise ,in range,in environment).
  • High quality and sensitive Headphone.
  • Electrical and battery function.
  • input voltage :(220-230v) ISO 9001 & CE.
  • Warranty.
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