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copy of RSCo Pneumatic Valve PHJ

دسته بندی : Pneumatic jack

Pneumatic Valve


  • To open and close and control the air valve
  • Aluminum body
  • Steel shaft and Teflon flanges
  • Power: 120 kg
  • Sealing pressure: 8 bar
  • Accuracy: 25
  • Jack sizes: 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40
  • Course: 5 cm
  • Contact us for more information
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Pneumatic Valve
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Pneumatic jack


  • We use this device to open and close  air vent .
  • The cover of this device is aluminium.
  • The shaft of this pneumatic jack is  made of steel and teflon wedge.
  • The amount of sealing pressure is 8 times pressure.
  • This pneumatic jack is in different lengths.
  • With 5 cm course.
  • Contact us for more information.

Rastegar repairs the following products:

  • Repair of polyethylene welding machine.
  • Repair of polyethylene welding iron.
  • Green Green Foam Repair.
  • PEX pipe press repair.
  • Repair of pex pipe-loaded press.
  • Five-layer tube press repair.
  • Hydraulic press repair of pex pipe.
  • PEX manual press repair.
  • Repair the welding machine inverter.
  • Repair leak detectors.
  • Repairs for plumbing test devices.
  • Manual hydraulic pans are able to punch all kinds of metal sheets.
  • Open flange to open or collapse flanges.
  • Green iron washer for pipe welding and polypropylene fittings or green and white pipes.
  • Polypropylene tubes can be cut with a green tube scissor, or a scissors cutter.
  • The butter welding of the polyethylene welding machine should not be used in rainy weather, snowy, intense winds and extreme cold.
  • Pe pipe is used to cut polyethylene and propylene pipes from a size of 50 to 127 mm.
  • Pe Rustgar Fittings Wrench has the ability to open and close various types of polyethylene fittings and PVC fittings.
  • All pex flush pipe presses can be pressed with all five-layer connections (NewPipe, UnixPipe, Isopaype, SuperPip, etc.).
  • Polyethylene Rastegar Fittings Wrench has the ability to open and close various types of polyethylene fittings and PVC fittings.
  • All five-layer flush pipe presses can be pressed with all pex connections (NewPipe, UnixPipe, Isopaype, SuperPip, etc.).
  • You can contact the sales department of Rastgarstalat Company to receive the price list for pex pipe presses
  • pex presses: Five-layer tube presses,pex pipe hydraulic presses, pex pipe-loaded presses, pex pipe presses.
  • This pex electric tube is used to calibrate (size) all kinds of pex pipes.
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  • The pex flexible pipe bender has the ability to bend PVC pipe types,pex pipes, copper and aluminum
  • The pex pipes can be riveted with pex pipe pen, and pex pipe openers can be used to open five-layer pipes.
  • The industry's plumbing testing equipment is available in two models of hand pump test and electric pump test device.
  • Electrofusion welding machine is used for pipe welding and polyethylene fittings.
  • Painter tools are used to cut, hold, and punch all kinds of pipes and fittings.
  • Metal pipes consist of tubes, electric teeth, honey beetles and stock Rex.
  • Welding industry inverter is used for welding all kinds of iron, galvanized steel, steel and cast iron.
  • Welding machine including Welding rastegar Industrial Welding Machine is a welding screwdriver.
  • The gas leak detection device and the leak detector of the resilient water industry have the ability to leak any type of pressure pipe up to a depth of 30 meters in analog form.
  • Tubular opening tubes.
  • Cable cutters on handhelds include large cable cutters , cable cutter on average, cable cutter on small handles.
  • Cable cutters are used to cut all kinds of copper and aluminum cables.
  • Cable cutterss are used for hydraulic cutting of copper, aluminum and copper cables.
  • The cable cutterss have the ability to press copper and aluminum cables.
  • The hydraulic cable press also features a variety of copper and aluminum cables.
  • The riveting nut is used to riveting various types of rivets.
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