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RSCo Drain cleaner spring PDS20-10

دسته بندی : Drain cleaner springs



RSCO drain cleaner spring  :

  • Several meter and diameter.
  • Length : 10 m
  • Diameter : 20 mm
  • Use for most pipe opener machine.
  • Operation system : electrical
  • High quality made.

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Product Details

Data sheet

RSCo Drain cleaner spring
Function system
Production material
No warranty
Quality rating by Rastegar Sanat from 0 to 100
Overall length
10 m
قطر فنر
20 mm

Introduction of drain cleaner springs :

  • This drain cleaner spring is used to open pipes.
  • This spring can be carried easily.
  • This drain cleaner springs is made of high quality material.
  • This is the best way to unclog toilets.
  • The action of this device is done by the spring it has to make enough energy so pipes are open.
  • These springs can move through any crooked and deep pipes.
  • The head of these springs can unclog anything.
  • This spring has special features and is made of steel.
  • The spring must be flexible and tough .

How to use drain cleaner springs :

  • When the clogging is low put the head of spring in the sewage or toilet.
  • Then by the handle turn the spring in the pipe.
  • To work quicker you can push the spring in the pipe and then pull it out.
  • Tips.
  • You should not use this spring when the clog is too thick because it will stick in the pipe.
  • If the spring is stuck avoid pulling and doing anything useless.

Why is the cleaner spring is better than chemical:

  • It is cheaper.
  • It does not hurt or make pipe rot.
  • This spring is made of steel and can be found in different sizes in the market.

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