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RSCO Electric test Pump model EPH8-700

دسته بندی : test piping pump

RSCo Electric Powered Test Pump


  • For testing pipe lines and low-pressure tanks
  • power: 0.75 kw
  • Pump pressure: 20 to 700 Bar
  • Flow rate: 5-0.7 liters per minute
  • Tank capacity: 8 L
  • one-way
  • carrying handle allows for easy transport of the pump
  • Two-speed operation reduces cycle time for improved productivity
  • Manual valve and motor control Internal pressure relief valve prevents overloading
  • All valves are 3 position for Advance-Hold-Retract
  • equipped with pressure gauge
  • comes with 1.5 meter hose and R2 3/8 quick coupler with dust cap
  • Dimensions: 305x245x510 mm
  • Weight: 22 kg
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Product Details

Data sheet

RSCo Electric Powered Test Pump
0.75 kw
Pump power
20 to 700 Bar
Input voltage
220 V
After-sale services
Quality rating by Rastegar Sanat from 0 to 100
Made in
22 kg
Tank capacity
8 L
305x245x510 mm
Flow rate
5-0.7 liters per minute
Hose length
1.5 meter

Electric pump test

  • The electric pump test is used to test a variety of water, sewage and reservoirs.
  • How you work with the electric pump test system is that you first need to be completely flooded with the entire environment you want to be tested.
  • After full completion, it will be connected to the pump test system.

The way to work with the water plumbing test system is as follows:

  • The pump test environment must be filled with water and be free of air.
  • We connect the water pipe pump test tool according to how to test the relevant location to the system.
  • After the water pump is in the system and water, the pump will remain under pressure in the specified duration of the pump test.
  • has completely filled the pump test tank
  • After doing with the top and down the handle, you can press the system under pressure.
  • Be careful to make all the steps aboveu.
  • Notice that the piston shaft is always saturated with grease.
  • To ventilate the pump tube under 30 bar, be sure to carefully observe the following points.
  • If the reservoir is full of water, make sure that the shaft that is raised and lowered by the lever handle is refractory from the grease.
  • If the test shaft is impregnated with grease, it will quickly disappear. And maybe it will not output to the test system due to its lack of functionality.
  • After the test, be sure to rinse the entire system with gasoline and avoid water stays in the entire set.
  • If the test steps are carried out with spilled water or impregnated water, these solvents will lock the inlet valves of the pump test and prevent the pump test screw from working.

Important notes for the 60-time test pump:

  • With all the tips stated for the electric pump testing machine below 60 bar, the same points apply to this pump test.
  • But the distinctive feature of this pump test is the self-testing of the pump.

How to breathe a pump test machine 60 times up:

  • To pump the pump 60 times to the boiler, first open the handle from the up and down shaft and fill it in the cylinder.
  • Then place the shaft soaked with grease in place.

:Learn more about the products of the industry.

  • The Industrial Pump Test Machine has been designed with a unique design, light weight to test and test the piping of pipelines and reservoirs.
  • Industrial Company is able to repair the water piping test machine. So you can refer to the office of Rastgar Industry for the repair of the water pipe testing machine.
  • To leak the pressure pipes, we introduce the industry-leading mini-leak detector. The industry has gas leak detectors.
  • pex pipes, which can be pressed with pex pipe presses (pex pipe presses,pex pipe hydraulic presses, pex pipe presses, pex pipe presses), one of the most modern plumbing systems.
  • The first layer of the five-layer pipe, which can be pressed by pressing the five-layer pipes of the industry. Which forms the outer surface of the layer.
  • To repair the pex pipe presses you can refer to the office of Rastegar Industry. Because is capable of repairing pex pipe presses.
  • The task of the outer layer of a pex pipe is to protect and maintain a self-contained pex pipe (which can be emitted by pex pipe ).
  • The outer layer of this five-layer pipe (which can be bended by a five-layer tube bending spring). This layer creates adhesion between the layer between the outer layer and the third layer.
  • The third layer of thepex pipe (which can be riveted by the pex pipe piercing) is very thin aluminum.
  • The task of the third layer of the pipe is the pex control of the temperature or the temperature of the current water in the pex pipe (which can be bended by the pipe of the pex pipe, the industry is bending these pipes)
  • And the tube retainer against the deformation of the five-layer pipe (which can be used to open the tube from the five-layer pipe open roller) is extremely high temperatures.
  • It should be noted that it can be detected by the hand leak detector to detect pipe fracture.
  • To test the pipes after the completion of the plumbing When the pipes are filled with water, after testing them and closing the span, we test the pipes by the industry pump testing machine.
  • These pipes are cut by green tube scissors or foliage shears,,pipe cutters.
  • It is worth noting that metal pipes and galvanized pipes are also used today to be used for manual handling of electrical pipes.

Maintaining and the electric pump test:

  • To prolong the life of the pump test device after each use, clean and recycle the appliance and avoid any oil or dust.
  • The service of the machine must be carried out by an authorized service.
  • In order to use the plumbing testing tools, observance of safety precautions in the work environment and individual safety is required.
  • Keep the environment clean and free of any oil or dust.
  • Any abnormality in the workplace will cause a problem.
  • Thermal Insulation Pump Testing Machine Please be careful when using.
  • Use clean, lime-free water.
  • After each operation, run the whole pump test kit thoroughly with gasoline.
  • Do not overload the device over the device.
  • Do not use electric pump test during sleepiness.
  • Use safety clothing.
  • Do not use any device if there is a malfunction or fracture.
  • Do not hit the device.


:electrical test pump

  • for test of plumbing lines and low pressure tank
  • electrical function
  • voltage:(220v)
  • output system: (9/2)
  • capacity tank: (18L)
  • exit port connect of pump:(1/2)
  • Easy movement
  • Brass valve
  • Maximum to 50 time
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