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copy of Kenzax Hydraulic press model KHL-1632

دسته بندی : PEX pipe pressing tool

Kenzax Hydraulic press


  • The capability to press plastic and metal pipes
  • Pressing size : 16 to 32 mm
  • Maximum opening : 60 mm
  • Made of carbon iron
  • Durable plastic box for easy handling
  • The upper and lower jaws are crescent-shaped
  • The handles have anti-sweat and non-slip plastic coating for ease of use
  • Equipped with MBC bag
  • It cannot be repaired
  • Made in China
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Product Details

Data sheet

Kenzax Hydraulic press
Device Model
Crimping size
16-32 mm
After-sale services
does not have
Function system
does not have
Quality rating by Rastegar Sanat from 0 to 100
Shipping Box
it has

Introducing PEX  hydraulic press:

  • PEX pipe hydraulic press is used to press pipes and fittings.
  • It is worth mentioning that  PEX pipes are pressed with five-layer pipe presses.
  • These presses include manual PEX pipe manual press,PEX pipe manual press hydraulic pipe presses,PEX pipe manual press, and PEX pipe manual press.
  • All five-layer flexible pipe presses are capable of pressing all pipes and fittings (SuperPip, NewPipe, Unicip Pip)
  • Drivivg force of this device is supplied by the hydraulic jack.

Tips on Pressing the Five-Layer Pipe Industry:

  • Firstly, the PEX pipe can be cut with a scissor (or pipe scissors, pipe scissors, pipe shears, green tube scissors, green tube cutting shears)
  • Cut it to the desired size with a caliber tool inside (it can be bended through the PEX pipe by bending the pipes)
  • Slightly loosen and using the blades at the end of the caliber, with the rotary motion of the inner wall of the five-layer pipe (which can be riveted by rolling the five-layer pipe into these pipes)
  • It is very important to do this because the PEX pipewall can be bended with the PEX pipe tube bending spring before winning the calibration.
  • Therefore, the rubber thread may break the connection during installation, which can lead to false positives and leakage of water.
  • In the end, after the first caliber, the connecting pin of thePEX pipe (which can be pressed by a five-layer tube press, which includes a PEX pipe, PEX pipe electric tube, manual, and hydraulic press)
  • In the installation procedure for fittings such as couplings, it is necessary to calibrate the PEX pipe pipes (which are installed with PEX pipe) before installation.
  • Then, the PEX pipe can be fitted with a manual press of a PEX pipe industrial pipe.
  • These five-layer tubes can be easily opened with the roller opening of the five-layer industrial pipe.
  • After the completion of the piping, when the pipes are filled with water, after pipe drainage and the opening of the openings, we test the tubes by the plumbing test devices (in the form of a manual pump test device and an electric pump test device).
  • To detect the pipe fault, the leak detector can be detected by the professional professional handheld researcher.
  • Also, Razgrad has gas leak detectors.

How to set up PEX  hydraulic press:

  • Hold the jaws still considering suitable size  of the base and hold the tool's head up.
  • Close the fasters completely.
  • Rotate the handles and close them tightly so that jaws are totaly closed .
  • To open the head of the press open the latches.
  • After pressing pull the handles of releasing botton.

:  Maintenance of PEX  hydraulic press 

  • Do not place the relevant presses and jaws in the vicinity of the soil, as it will cause faster erosion.
  • Maintain the jaw presses and keep it clean.
  • Repaire the device by allowed service centers.


RSCo rotatory high preasure hydraulic static PEX pipe press:

  • Ability of pressing all kinds of pipe (super pipe, new pipe, unique pipe).
  • Maximum pressure: 180kgr.
  • 4 Steel jaws: 16, 20 , 25 ,32.
  • Maximum sealing: 16 times.
  • Iso9001 and CE standards.
  • 1Year warrantry and service.
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