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RSCo copper pipe flaring tool (897)

دسته بندی : Flaring Tool

Information and accessories:

RSCo copper pipe flaring tool (897):

  • Using size: 5-20 mm (3/16-5/8").
  • Includes steel underneath.
  • Includes pipe cutter: 3-30 mm.
  • Includes 6 flaring peaces.
  • Includes strong plastic box.
  • Made from the best alloyed steel.
  • Includes ISO9001 and CE from Europe union.
  • For more info call the sales office.


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Data sheet

Device Model
(RSCo copper pipe flaring tool (897
Production material
Automatic return
does not have
Quality rating by Rastegar Sanat from 0 to 100
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نوع دستگاه
سایز قابل پرچ

Specifications of the copper pipe:

  • Pipe consists of handle, body, spring, washer, pin, rifle shaft, handle, pin, pin stent, rails.
  • Hand-held riveting tools are used to open or drown a variety of copper or aluminum pipes.
  • In this model, the Ripper Series copper tube is inconsistent for ease of use.
  • This cordless copper tube model has a self-contained system.
  • If the pressure is too high on the rivets or rigging, it will automatically be removed.

How to work with copper pipe tools:

  • First, open the rails and open the rails.
  • Place the tube in the strap relative to the size.
  • Ride the rivets perpendicular to the strap.
  • The dumbbell handle is slowly starting to rotate the roller roller onto the tube. And it can easily be done by drowning.
  • Riveting operations are done.

Maintenance of manual rivets:

  • To prolong the life of the copper tube rivet, clean each time using and re-use the pipe syringe and avoid any oil and dust.
  • The device must be operated by an authorized service provider.

Additional Information rastegar:

  • For more information and prices, please contact the sales office.
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  • A welding machine with a name of plastic welding machine, a second-line polyethylene welding machine, a fully-welded polyethylene welding machine, a plastic welding machine, a pipe-welded tube and polyethylene fittings of 63 to 160 mm in size.
  • Polyethylene welding iron is also capable of welding all polyethylene pipes.
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  • pex pipe presses include five-layer, pex pipe presses, pex pipe hydraulic presses.
  • Allpex, five-piston tube presses have pex connectors (SuperPyp, UnixPipe, NewPipe).
  • The outer layer of the five-layer pipe can be penetrated by a pex pipe.
  • The pex pipes can be bent ppr pex pipe, and they are riveted to penetrate the five-layer tubes by pex pipe riveting.
  • To bend these types of pipes, the five-layer industrial pipe bender is used.
  • To keep the pipe in the shape of a deformation, you can use the roller of the five-layer industrial pipe.
  • The rastegar Industrial Pump Test Machine has been designed with a unique design, light weight to test and test the piping of pipelines and reservoirs.
  • Rastegar Industrial Company is able to repair the water piping test machine. So you can refer to the office of Rastgar Industry for the repair of the water pipe testing machine.
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  • Hydraulic punch is used to punch all kinds of metal sheets.
  • The industrial steamer is used to block all types of pipes and fittings in water and wastewater, oil, gas and petrochemicals.
  • The wind turbine has the ability to test the pipe.
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  • The handpiece is capable of tapping all types of pipe fittings.
  • Pipe fitting wrench is used to keep all types of ductile pipes.
  • The Rossabor copper tube has the ability to cut all kinds of copper and aluminum pipes.

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