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Automatic PVC pipe cutter (Altuna 42) 5042

دسته بندی : RSCo PPR Pipe Cutter

Automatic PVC pipe cutter (Altuna 42)


  • To cut all types of pipes.
  • Cutting size: 1/2 - 1.
  • Made from aluminum.
  • Contact us for more information.
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Product Details

Data sheet

Automatic PVC pipe cutter (Altuna 42)
Working range
1/2to 1.
After-sale services
Made of Blade
Made of Body
Automatic return
Quality rating by Rastegar Sanat from 0 to 100
Made in

know about Automatic pvc pipe cutter :

  • Other names of this tool are plastic pipe cutter,pex pipe cutter,poly pipe cutter,pvc pipe cutter ,cutter rubber hoses,rubber hoses cutter,pvc pipe cutter 4 inch,pvc pipe cutter tool.
  • One of the requirements of piping operations includes cutting tools (plastic pipe cutter,pex pipe cutter,poly pipe cutter,pvc pipe cutter ,cutter rubber hoses,rubber hoses cutter,pvc pipe cutter 4 inch,pvc pipe cutter tool)
  • PPR pipes that can be welded with PPR welding machines.
  • PPR pipes can be cut with pvc pipe cutter.
  • Pvc pipe cutter is a useful,simple and available tool.
  • Useful for cutting p.p- pvc- upvc pipes.
  • Use for welding all the pipes like PPR pipes or others.
  • Pvc pipe cutter has different models with different sizes.
  • Pvc pipe cutter has 2 models one of them is manual another one is automatic.
  • You u can cut HDP pipe with HDPE pipe cutter.
  • Ability to open and fit the fitting through a wrench.

About cutters handle:

  • This cutter is the same as other cutter The task is to transfer the force to the blade.
  • Handle is the base of the cutter.
  • One of the categories has a L mode that holds the cutter blade.
  • Second handle is attached  to first handle that can transfer the force to cutter blade.

About cutting blade of pvc pipe cutter: 

  • PVC pipe cutter just has one cutter blade.
  • The piece in front of it is a grooved piece instead of sharp edges.
  • Let the cutter blade pass through the middle groove and cutt the PPR pipes.
  • Groove pieces ability to hold pipes.

Power transmission components in pvc pipe cutter:

  • PVC pipe cutter has another components that they  have responsibility  of transfering hands power direction to move cutting blade.
  • Pieces has rotating mode.
  • Let the user after each time push the handles and cutting a piece of PPR pipe then you can open the handles and be ready for next push.
  • PPR pipes has high resistance and  doesn't cut after one pressure to handles.

How to work with pvc pipe cutter:

  • Working with pvc pipe cutter is easy.
  • PVC pipe cutter is availabe for all.
  • For cutting PPR pipe before choosing the place that you want to cut.
  • Then seperate the handles or rotate around until the tool goes to open.
  • For opening the blade of cutter open two blades push the toggle the blade until the blades  open.
  • Place the pipe on the grooved section and adjust the pvc pipe cutter so that the tube is perpendiculart.
  • The pipe is diagonally cut off technically.
  • With once force or pressure the pipes are not cut.
  • After eache pressure with pvc pipe cutter tool just cut apart of pipe.
  • The cutting end occurs when the cutter blade completely slips into the groove.

Observing the following points is mandatory:

  • Please  pay attention for more life time clean the PVC pipe cutter It shouldn't be oily or dusty.
  • Be sure about pvc pipe cutter correct performance.
  • Use special gloves.

Repair and maintenance of pvc pipe cutter:

  • For more life time keep the pvc pipe cutter  always clean. 
  • The service of the machine must be done by allowed services.


  • This is used for cutting all types of PVC,uPVC and PP pipes.
  • Cutting size:  1/2 - 1.
  • Made of aluminium.
  • With 5 years after sale services.

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