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RSCo socket weld cap SPW 40

دسته بندی : Socket Weld Cap

RSCo socket weld cap


  • PVC pipe welding machine.
  • The alloy of this socket is first-rate aluminum covering with furnace silver Teflon.
  • In sizes: 1.1/4" = 40mm.
  • This welding machine is used to weld all kind of PVC pipes.
  • The maximum rate of caliber usage is 2500 lids.
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RSCo socket weld cap
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How to operate the pvc pipe socket is as follow:

  • Remove the sockets from the box carefully on the screen of pvc pipe welding machine of the element by screw.
  • Do not insert a screw on one side that does not have a theard inside socket.
  • After closing the socket pay attention that the socket on the element page must be  tight.
  • Now do your welding work.
  • When you finish your work,clean up the machine it shoudn't be  sticky.
  • Wash the stockes with oil, oil can help battery to have more life time.
  • Pay attention clean the machine after the machine gets cold.

Information about socket weld cap:

  • PPR pipe is one of the essential components in hot and cold water installations in building.
  • Being light,lack of precipitate,eclips,,non-rust and corrosive,easy installation,pvc pipe with smoothy and polishy page ,pvc pippes are important components in building industries.
  • PPR welding machine can attach pipes to each other.
  • PPR welding machine has sockets that when they are warm you can weld pipes.

How to use PPR welding machine:

  • Cut the pipes with PVC pipe cutter just.
  • After PPR pipe welding machine temprateure goes to 260 degree.
  • One side of pipe and other side desired connection put into the sockets at the same time.
  • Connect the pipe and the connector simultaneously with out spinning.
  • Then let them to dry and be cool before that you can't use the spare.

Work place:

  • Keep the enviroment clean and free from any dust or oil
  • Any abnormality in work place will cause a problem.
  • Remove children and observer from the work place.
  • Don't forget that sockets insulation are not electrical.

Indiviual safety:

  • Don't work with machine when you are sleepy.
  • Use safety clothes.
  • If you see any problem in machine don't use it at all.
  • Don't hit the machine.
  • Don't touch the hot stocks.
  • Repair and maintenance of pvc pipe cutter.
  • For more life time always keep the machine clean .
  • The service of the machine must be carried out by an expert.

Information of PVC pipe welding machine socket:

  • PVC pipe welding machine.
  • ،The alloy of this socket is first-rate aluminium covering with furance silver teflon.
  • In sizes:1.1/4" = 40mm.
  • This welding machine is used to weld all kind of PVC pipes.
  • The maximum rate of caliber usage is 2500 lids.

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