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ZUPPER Cable Crimping 3 functions EB-60UNV

دسته بندی : Cable Crimper

ZUPPER Hydraulic Cable Crimper


  • ZUPPER capable of pressing all types of copper, aluminum, etc. cables
  • Output force : 60 kN
  • Piston impact : 42 mm
  • Cutting size : 40 mm ( for mess , aluminum and coated cable )
  • Press size : 16-300 mm
  • Size of press jaws : 10-16 , 25-35 , 50-70 , 95 , 120 , 150 , 185 , 240 , 300 mm
  • Punch size : 22.5 to 61.5 mm
  • Size of punch jaws : 22.5 , 28.3 , 34.6 , 43.2 , 49.6 , 61.5 mm
  • Cutting capacity in every charge : 70 times
  • Press capacity in every charge :160 times
  • Punch capacity : 100 times
  • Punch cycling time :  6.2 s ( 61.5 mm in metal plate with thickness 3 mm )
  • Cutting time : 3.8 s ( for mess is 150 mm )
  • Press time : 4 s ( for mess is 150 mm )
  • Charging time : 80 min
  • A BRUSHLESS engine
  • 2 batteries 18v 4 A
  • Two-stage hydraulic system
  • A head with ability to 350 degree rotation
  • LED light for easy work
  • Durable plastic cover
  • LED display for errors cod , amount of electricity , press number
  • Handles covered with antiperspirant and anti-slip plastic
  • ISO and CE standards from the European Union
  • 1 year warranty of Rastegar Sanat Company
  • Contact us for more information
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Product Details

Data sheet

ZUPPER Cable Crimping 3 functions
Crimping size
shearing size
40 mm
After-sale services
Function system
1 year
Shipping Box
Made in
Battery number
Battery capacity
18v 4A
Charging time

Introducing Hydraulic Crimping Press:

  • Hydraulic cable presses are mainly used for printing cables of any size, including copper, aluminum and other cables.
  • Crimping presses are available in various types of manual crimping presses, hydraulic cable presses, crimping cables, or electric cable presses.
  • Also, the cable is pressed according to the working conditions, such as: available space for work, the machine, type of pressure and type of work, etc.). There are separate pumps in the form of a cable clamping pump and a cable clamping pump.

The following can be used as a cable clip:

  • Take out your cable tie prompts.
  • Place the appropriate jaw in the hydraulic cable press.
  • Put the cable in your cable clip.
  • Then put the next jaw into the cable press.
  • Then turn back the back of the cable press.
  • Then lock the valve (back valve), rotate the cable press clockwise.
  • Loosen the handle until maximum pressure is reached.
  • Then lock the lock (back valve) to release the pressure.
  • Exit the cable from your cable clip.

When using a hydraulic cable press, consider the following for more safety:

  • When the hydraulic cable presses down, do not tamper with the operator. It may be dangerous for the operator.
  • The sealing kit of the crimping press is free from any dust, which increases the life span of the sealing kit.
  • When replacing the crimping press, use grease-free and dust-free oils.
  • Before putting the hydraulic cable presser plug in, allow it to be completely removed from the machine.
  • Use gloves when replacing the press rubber oil

Description of hydraulic cable presses and their tasks:

  • Tie the cable press to adjust the jaws.
  • The jaw of this press machine has the ability to press.
  • The cylinder head is a hydraulic cable press tool for fixing the jaw.
  • Lock valve This device for fixing reverse pressure and stroke piston.
  • The fixed handle is a cable clip for storing oil.
  • Troubleshoot a cable press device.
  • When working with a cable clip, there may be some malfunctions in the device, as we mentioned in a few cases.

Do not press the cable clip when working without pressure or pressure:

  • Crushing press rubber may be completely or completely lowered - the crimping press of oil may have leaked - or there is dust in the pulp press.
  • To fix this, check or replace the oil on the machine.
  • The straps and crimping wire can not be tight when connected to the enclosure.
  • A misfeed may be used on a cable press.
  • To fix this problem, place the appropriate jaw with a cable clip on the machine.
  • Hydraulic cable press produces a lot of appendages when working.
  • An improper jaw is located on the cable press and, as in the case of a pre-jaw, use a cable clip.
  • The oil presses the cable press.
  • In this case, the sealing of the cable kits is difficult or may be broken.

For more information on other power cable equipment:

  • Power cable equipment including cable scissors and hydraulic cable presses.
  • Cable scissors on handhelds include large cable scissors, cable scissors on average, cable scissors on small handles.
  • Cable scissors are used to cut all kinds of copper and aluminum cables.
  • Cable scissors are used for hydraulic cutting of copper, aluminum and copper cables.
  • The cable scissors have the ability to press copper and aluminum cables.
  • The hydraulic cable press also features a variety of copper and aluminum cables.

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  • Multi-clamp is also used to hold polyethylene pipes during welding.
  • The clamping of polyethylene pipes is used to hold the polyethylene pipes at the welding time.

Information :

Hand operated hydraulic crimping:

  • Ability to press copper ,aluminum cable.
  • Size of press: (10-70mm).
  • Metal jaws.
  • Metal with chrome cover.
  • Plastic cover of handle.
  • Anti slip handle.
  • Weight: (2.5kg).
  • Resistant plastic box.
  • Tolerance of pressure: (3 tons).
  • Ergonomic design.
  • ISO 9001 & CE.

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